Friday, August 31, 2012

Company Audition Results 2012 - 2013


We would like to thank you all for coming out for our dance companies. This has been a record year for us with the number of dancers who auditioned! You all did a great job and we truly appreciate your dedication and hard work. We are so excited about this next dance season, and we feel confident that we have placed you appropriately to compliment your ability levels. Please trust us in our decision and we will definitely have a great year! We have seen so much improvement in all of you throughout last year, and we can’t wait to see how much you can improve this year as well. We are proud of you all! Thank you all again for auditioning, and we will see you all the week of September 10th.

  • Alyssa Adas
  • Nicole Arsenault
  • Jessica Briggs
  • Nicole Briggs
  • MacKenzie Clark
  • Alexis Craig
  • Samantha Dunning
  • Monica Fee
  • Taylor Hudgins
  • Victoria Hudgins
  • Jessica Hush
  • Bayleigh Ivan
  • Leah Joynt
  • Kristen Kelly
  • Sarah Kennedy
  • Tarah Lawitzke
  • Casandra Legacy
  • Emileigh Lewis
  • Samantha McKechnie
  • Kirsten Moore
  • Mallory Noyce
  • Allison Seeley
  • Sydni Sheathelm
  • Madi Stapleton
  • Ashley Symons
  • Baylee Withers
  • Hannah Blazen
  • Kiley Corcoran
  • Ashlyn Dunham
  • Ashley Darga
  • Paige Elliott
  • Melissa George
  • Allie Gerrish
  • Brooklyn Guynn
  • Jenna Howart
  • Quinnay Hester
  • Alayna Fick
  • MacKenzie Freeman
  • Madison Koresh
  • Stephanie Marceau
  • Sophia Mervenne
  • Devyn Omron
  • Jaymie Omron
  • Emma Rhodes
  • Kaitlyn Sallans
  • Chloe Spear
  • Sarah Walker
  • Brogen Witucki
  • Daisy Bindas
  • Jennifer Bloch
  • Hailey Bond
  • Emily Briggs
  • Taylor Carto
  • Aliiah Esquivel
  • Hannah Fox
  • Caitlin Heimburg
  • Skyelar Herriman
  • Nia Howard
  • Courtney Merrill
  • Sydney Merrithew
  • Ayla Piggott
  • Hanna Rosebush
  • Hope Roth
  • Sidney Schuette
  • Sara Simpson
  • Isabelle Sparks
  • Hannah Swanson
  • Thomas Swanson (Tap)
  • Alex Trieloff
  • Riley Ward
  • Sadie Willingham
Tuesday Teens (11 & Up): 5:45 - 7:15
  • McKenzie Jo Baldridge
  • Katie Goggins
  • Amber Greenlick
  • Nicole Ross
  • Thomas Swanson
  • Madeline Tremblay
  • Deanna Wirth
Thursday 8, 9 & 10's: 4:30 - 6:00
  • Ellie Clemens
  • Abby Jablonski
  • Morgan Reese
* NOTE: The Company/class you are in may change what Hip Hop class you will be allowed to take even if you have pre-registered for it. 
  • Monday Hip Hop is Blue Company & Teen dancers
  • Thursday Hip Hop is White & Red Company dancers (Same requirements for Thursday's Adv. Jazz Class) 
  • Saturday Hip Hop is 8, 9 & 10’s dancers.
  • Please make sure to note this on your schedule!
 If you have not already pre-registered for a Hip Hop class or Int./Advanced Jazz and would still like to register for these classes just give us a call or send us an email to enroll today. 

Don't forget about our Company Welcome Party on Monday, September 17th from 5:30 - 8:30 for all 2012 - 2013 company dancers! 

Pointe class starts on the first Wednesday, September 12th from 6 -7 p.m. for those of you who would like to be considered for the class. 

Email the studio for details

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